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  1. Keep up


    Question asked by a coworker:

    How do you keep up?”

    I was … puzzled. Perfectly sensible question. I am in my late-50s. He is likely 20 years younger - old enough that technology changed substantially within his time. Lots of older folk get fixed on past patterns, and have trouble adapting to changes … and my field advances steadily. We met on visit to a (very large) customer, where I was bringing a first, early solution to an domain where most everything was new.

    A reasonable question, but why did I have no immediate answer?

    I have never felt the need to “keep up”. Why?

    Ever watched a surfer ride a wave? If you “catch” a wave - match speed with the front of ...

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  2. Inflection point


    At an interesting point. Two paths for my near future. One is intense work over a year or more, of benefit. Other is changing jobs. Which is yet unchosen.

    The intense path means writing software for new usage, in a very short timeframe, working mostly by myself, with my work going direct to the customer into critical usage.

    Also this is pretty much dead center on what I can do. Sounds like fun.

    As a part, could end up presenting at a conference, with between a few hundred and a few thousand in the room. Never done the like. In the past, such prospect would have been slightly terrifying. Now, the notion does not bother me at all.

    Will also ...

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  3. Openstack


    Moved my writings about OpenStack to a distinct weblog.

    My current employer sells components you might use to build a (software/hardware) cloud. There is a huge amount of business (translation: dollars) in that space. I need to tell a coherent story in that space, so thus the distinct space for writings.

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  4. Multiplier

    Read The Mythical Man Month quite a long time ago. One of the assertions in the book, since much repeated, is that “super programmers” are an order of magnitude more productive than average programmers.

    While I know that I have always been more than usually effective, an order of magnitude felt like an overstatement.

    The last project offered two examples that seem to confirm the multiplier.

    At the beginning of the project, I assigned the simplest part of the project to the team member whom I suspected was the least capable (and who later became the group manager). A few months in he was joined by a new hire just out of college. Their assignment was to write a thin ...

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  5. Conversion

    Converted my weblog from WordPress to a Pelican (a static site generator), recently. Did a bit of clean up today. The original conversion (several weeks ago) was very rough. Better … but still needs work.

    Several years back I bet on WordPress as an intermediate solution. Looking at the implementation, I never trusted WordPress to be secure … and it was not. (Never put your code into the web-addressible / writable space.) A weblog is not exactly mission-critical. With offline backups, it was good enough.

    Still, the poor performance and regular corruption was an annoyance. The static weblog generators improved over time. Time to move over.

    Apologies for any (very likely) broken bits. :)

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  6. David Keirsey died

    This is about missed connections, absurdly close.

    Seems that David Keirsey died, about a year ago. He wrote a book on personality types Please Understand Me that might well have changed the course of my life.

    Of my own interest, I read rather a lot of books on Psychology, in high school and for a time after. By the time Keirsey’s first edition of “Please Understand Me” came out, I had stopped those readings.

    More recently, after what amounts to a prolonged social accident, I started readings around psychology, again. Read the latest of Keirsey’s books, and suddenly the prior confusing social episode seemed to make sense.

    The year 1978 was when Keirsey’s first edition book on ...

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  7. Observation, delayed


    A regular exercise. Sit in an outdoor patio at a restaurant, for lunch, and watch. There are patterns. Most for which I do not have names. There is something about big purses, and small women, not interesting. High heels worn wobbly, or slow, or fluid. (Reading a book about the Red Queen, which seems applicible in this context.) Low modest heels and clothes. Clear conformity (boring). Awkward mashups. And occasionally a woman walks past whose appearance and dress seem coherent and well done.

    Differing combinations.

    From psych readings on personality types, and how appearance reflects type, could I be picking up on type?

    Then there are times when my mind goes back later and asks … what was that?

    Thursday. Eating ...

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  8. Great Love Debate, Long Beach


    Another random excursion…

    Saw an event offered on a MeetUp group: “THE GREAT LOVE DEBATE comes to LONG BEACH!” Title sounds a bit whack. Never been to that venue, so … bought a ticket. No particular qualification needed.

    There is a Facebook page … completely disused, aside from the promoters. Also, turns out, there is a untitledwebsite.

    Very odd. Lots of girls. Less than half as many guys. From the description:

    100 of Southern California’s most dynamic SINGLE WOMEN. 100 of its most ELIGIBLE BACHELORS.”

    Well, there were certainly more than 100 women present. Some possibly very nice. (Dim light, mass setting, not much to go on. Apparently could have gone much earlier, but did not know beforehand.)

    Considerably less ...

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  9. Social mapping/accidents


    Early evening, sitting alone on a restaurant patio at an outdoor mall, watching girls, looking for patterns. Pretty girl from inside parks in front of me, holds an entire phone conversation. Waitress comes out, asks if we(?) are ready to order.

    Group of four girls, one very nice, and smiling slightly, walk past in the direction of a cluster of restaurants. Several minutes later, they walk past again, leaving. Two of the girls are slightly behind and closer, one ahead on the far side of the smiling girl … and watching me.

    Not enough time to shop or dine, so … ? Just how aware of watching eyes are a group of girls? And if so, what did they expect?

    Friday, went to ...

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