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Keep up

Question asked by a coworker:

"How do you keep up?"

I was ... puzzled. Perfectly sensible question. I am in my late-50s. He is likely 20 years younger - old enough that technology changed substantially within his time. Lots of older folk get fixed on past patterns, and have trouble adapting to changes ... and my field advances steadily. We met on visit to a (very large) customer, where I was bringing a first, early solution to an domain where most everything was new.

A reasonable question, but why did I have no immediate answer?

I have never felt the need to "keep up". Why?

Ever watched a surfer ride a wave? If you "catch" a wave - match speed with the front of an incoming wave - you can "ride" for a long ways with little effort. If you start too late, you have to work very hard to catch up to the wave.

In much the same way there are "waves" of new technology. If you see the wave, if you are out in front and at pace, catching the front of the wave is easy. Adapting to change is easy when you see the change coming long before it arrives. I have never felt the need to "keep up". Rather it feels more like "Oh, this finally arrived. Cool."

So "keeping up" is easy, when you are always ahead. :)