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Family Thanksgiving Dinner

Thought we should make an attempt at a coordinated "family" dinner, this time around, as a practice for the future. Dividing up the work should make the event easier. Also a gathering at my house burns less money, and is far more practical as the number of kids increase.

My middle kid - Cedric - has learned quite a lot about cooking in the last several years, so he can do much. So Cedric and I went shopping for supplies the day before, and split the load so he could do some prep at his place beforehand. Missed a few bits, but this generally worked.

(I also used the opportunity to "kidnap" my grandson, with which he was entirely fine.)

The last few years, I simply skipped the event altogether. In prior years, I did almost all the preparation and cooking (and cleanup). Rather a lot of work, and as a family assortment, we seem to be growing. Better to divide the work up, especially now that my kids are adults.

Cedric wanted to do roast beef, so threw the spices he wanted into melted butter (to let the flavors infuse), coated the beef in the spiced butter, and sealed in a plastic bag overnight in the fridge.

Prepared a bed of veggies, butterflied the turkey, and basted in a similar spiced butter mix. Started the turkey low and slow (to warm through), long ahead. Pulled out to run all the other bits through the oven, then finished in a 550F oven (for nice skin).

Cedric nailed the roast beef, of course.

(Maria and Alexander did some bits, too.)

Pretty much worked out. Not bad for a first attempt at family dinner.

Later, the family of Alexander's girlfriend came by, in response to my invitation. My son wore a tie ... must be serious.