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Rain Inflection

Sunny earlier this morning. Was going to take a longer hike up Saddleback Peak. Heavy clouds outside now, offering bits of rain. Paused.

Work is at a similar point. Might solve a problem in a new market segment for a very large company. Spent months building an initial version, recently presented to customers, all of which went very well. The amount of revenue at risk makes anything I might get paid a rounding error.

Or not. Companies are social organizations, at times driven by emotion and ego as much as reason. This could all go to nothing. Which will prove true, I do not yet know.

Given all that needs done, I should be working through to the priority bits needed to gain and keep customers. Or that might be a waste of time. Hard to find motivation, just now...

Should know in a few days.

Cloud base should be low. Hiking up into the clouds is pretty cool. Going to take that hike.

{Photos} 2014.11.30 - Harding Truck Trail