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Inflection point

At an interesting point. Two paths for my near future. One is intense work over a year or more, of benefit. Other is changing jobs. Which is yet unchosen.

The intense path means writing software for new usage, in a very short timeframe, working mostly by myself, with my work going direct to the customer into critical usage.

Also this is pretty much dead center on what I can do. Sounds like fun.

As a part, could end up presenting at a conference, with between a few hundred and a few thousand in the room. Never done the like. In the past, such prospect would have been slightly terrifying. Now, the notion does not bother me at all.

Will also go in front of customers that represent some of the largest companies on the planet, with an enormous amount of my employer's business at risk ... and somehow entirely comfortable with the notion.


Listening to the other side of mind...

Lucent Dossier is offering another event, in the near future. Love their noise. More of an social explorer than a participant. Costume is what I wear every day. Too long since the last of such. (About the only reason I would go to Vegas ... bought tickets and booked a room, immediately.) Hard to explain the why. Going.