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Great Love Debate, Long Beach

Another random excursion...

Saw an event offered on a MeetUp group: "THE GREAT LOVE DEBATE comes to LONG BEACH!" Title sounds a bit whack. Never been to that venue, so ... bought a ticket. No particular qualification needed.

There is a Facebook page ... completely disused, aside from the promoters. Also, turns out, there is a untitledwebsite.

Very odd. Lots of girls. Less than half as many guys. From the description:

"100 of Southern California's most dynamic SINGLE WOMEN. 100 of its most ELIGIBLE BACHELORS."

Well, there were certainly more than 100 women present. Some possibly very nice. (Dim light, mass setting, not much to go on. Apparently could have gone much earlier, but did not know beforehand.)

Considerably less than half as many men. (What is that?) As to "most ELIGIBLE BACHELORS", this I very much doubt. A bunch of older guys looking to get "lucky". Possibly not the brightest. The comments I heard from the guys ... er, yuck. Really not comfortable sitting with that group.

Then there was the panel. They all sell something around singles and dating. Nothing wrong with that in itself, perhaps, but ... just they all came across as a bit plastic. Bit too daytime TV. Felt like my brain was melting.

Also there was the girl photographer and guy doing video with an outdated rig. Lots of flash photography. Clearly the event was very well documented. Rather intrusive.

Earlier, took a rather nice three hour hike in the hills at midday. (Green hills, clear air, strong sun, vivid colors, great views.) Drove up to LACMA, wandered a bit, then drove down to Long Beach. Took a couple of Monsters to counteract the fatigue from the hike while driving. Had a pot of coffee in the morning, before.

After about an hour, fatigue and massive amount of caffeine in my system kicked in. Felt too weird. Did not have a reason to stay, so left.

Have to admit, this event still bothers me. Why the turnout? I heard about the event via MeetUp and a friend of one of the panelists. But on social media and the web, the only folk posting are the organizers. Seems pretty dead, otherwise.

So what brought the girls? Not from the web, apparently. Some link to TV? (I cancelled cable a couple years back, so that junk is not on my horizon.)

Tagline from the site: 2014 National Tour to answer the question "Why is Everyone Still Single?"

Well, one explanation is that we are single as the orbits of our lives have not brought us close to someone of interest - and it is not obvious what change will work. In the hyper-social early years - high school and college - that part was a lot easier. Over time, as folk pair off, and work is more predominant, things thin out a lot.

Far too much, in fact.

Working at engineering (software) companies, lots more guys than girls, and interesting girls are quickly claimed. Before my divorce, I chose to live in a great place to raise kids. Not a place for single women, so no luck locally.

Events that cross orbits are a good thing. Rather a lot of rather nice girls at this event. What brought them? There were a couple of girls ... male optimism or actual interest?

Something that needs attention. Not sure exactly what.