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Social mapping/accidents

Early evening, sitting alone on a restaurant patio at an outdoor mall, watching girls, looking for patterns. Pretty girl from inside parks in front of me, holds an entire phone conversation. Waitress comes out, asks if we(?) are ready to order.

Group of four girls, one very nice, and smiling slightly, walk past in the direction of a cluster of restaurants. Several minutes later, they walk past again, leaving. Two of the girls are slightly behind and closer, one ahead on the far side of the smiling girl ... and watching me.

Not enough time to shop or dine, so ... ? Just how aware of watching eyes are a group of girls? And if so, what did they expect?

Friday, went to an event at a hotel in Westwood. Moroccan-themed, performers, and nominally a wine-tasting. Wandered around. Somewhat accidentally ended up at center stage when the performance started. Took pictures. Looking through the pictures later, found one girl who was not watching the performance.

Several, months back at the first event with that group, quite by chance sat on the main path of the fashion show. This is one of their promotional pictures.

A few months back, bought a ticket to a performance with "stage seating". Ended up ... well, on the stage.

At Friday's event, looked around and found two very nice girls, right behind me. By itself, nothing odd there, since I was in a very good place to watch the performance. Later, thinking back, this pattern repeats.

At lunch, walked into Greek restaurant for lunch. Greeter says: "Table for three?" Look around and find two rather nice, slightly grinning girls, close behind me. Assumed chance, at the time.

Yeh. I still need a clue.