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Observation, delayed

A regular exercise. Sit in an outdoor patio at a restaurant, for lunch, and watch. There are patterns. Most for which I do not have names. There is something about big purses, and small women, not interesting. High heels worn wobbly, or slow, or fluid. (Reading a book about the Red Queen, which seems applicible in this context.) Low modest heels and clothes. Clear conformity (boring). Awkward mashups. And occasionally a woman walks past whose appearance and dress seem coherent and well done.

Differing combinations.

From psych readings on personality types, and how appearance reflects type, could I be picking up on type?

Then there are times when my mind goes back later and asks ... what was that?

Thursday. Eating at an otherwise empty outside patio. A woman walks past, around, and enters the restaurant. Very nice. Very attractive. A sense that her appearance and personality were in concert.

Finished eating. Stood up, looked around, and found that same woman was the only other person on the patio, and she had taken a table a distance directly behind me. Male optimism wants that to mean something, but objectively there is no basis.

Walked across to the coffee shop. In front of me in line, a blonde woman in cutoffs and backless. Very nice. Puzzling. While I enjoy the display ... this was different. Seemed somehow very coherent, and very affective.

Later, looked to see where she had gone, and found she took the place closest to the exit. Again, male optimism wanted that to mean something, but ... no traction.

Told in hindsight, this is much clearer than at the time.