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Election day - replacing Chris Cox

Checking out the supplies and paperwork (fun) before Tuesday's election. Noticed the roster is a bit longer In fact there are 1885 voters listed - almost twice last year. They delivered 8 voting machines (versus 5 last year). I will have 3 other poll workers versus 4 workers last year. Admittedly, the last election was pretty easy, but this year ... we will have to see.

Update: Election day was very quiet. Only 114 voters for the entire day, so we had very little to do. Had a mild case of bronchitis, so I wasn't feeling too well (especially at the end of day), but the other three poll workers scarcely needed any of my help - a good thing :). Did the polling place setup the day before and taking down the machines the day after.

Almost seems like I should leave everything up, as the next election is in one month.