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Working the polls

Opened the polls at 7am. We have about 960 people listed in this precinct. From 7am to 9:15am we were busy with all the voting machines occupied, and 100 people voting. Busier than I remember from previous years, though it seems they expanded my precinct somewhat. With 4 other poll workers (including 3 girls recruited from the local high schools) the load wasn't too bad.

We have 5 voting machines (Hart eSlates) here. We could use more to cut down the wait during the busy times.

We had another minor rush around lunchtime, and another minor rush around 5pm ... and then nothing. In prior years we were often quite busy right up to the time the polls closed (at 8pm). Odd - why so quiet in the evening? Was it because of the news reports? Some folks coming in were expecting very long times because of what they had heard in the news.

Total votes at the end of the day - 321 votes cast for the precinct (not counting absentee ballots).