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Medieval Times

Took my son Cedric and guests to the 6pm show on October 8th in Buena Park - at his request - for his 13th birthday. (I now officially have two teenagers.)

You can order your tickets online from their website (a nice touch). When ordering they hit you up for an add-on "Royalty Package".

The Royalty Package includes preferred seating, Knights cheering banner, souvenir DVD, and a commemorative program, for each member of the party! Only $10 additional per person.

Ordered and paid extra for the "Royalty Package" - but did not receive any of the extra items mentioned. As to the "preferred seating", we were seated on the next-to-topmost row in a corner under a fluorescent light - nothing special.

In the performance they announced birthdays and such. My son was not mentioned and was somewhat dissappointed. Since I did not know they were going to do anything of the sort, I'd not asked (and did not know who to ask) for my son's birthday to be announced.

Before the show you could buy bits at the gift shop, and take pictures of the back-sides of horses. The show was fine - fake combat, bits of play-acting, and horses performing.

My son and his invited friends enjoyed the outing. Clearly I am a bit less impressed, and feel a bit ripped off.

If you have any sort of allergies, load up on antihistimene for before, during, and after the event. I normally have very little trouble with allergies, but there is something about the air in the arena that will completely wipe you out. (They do make an effort warn you about this ahead of time at the site, and with signs at the event).