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Sorting House music and Techo

Feels like a threshold.

Kraftwerk came up with term "Techno-Pop" back in the 1970's. Had everything from Kraftwerk, originally on cassette tapes.

There was a long period in between where I was not finding good "techno". With the rise of the web, there were downloads in 1990's ... but little compelling.

The emergence of SoundCloud was a change. Lots of music. Much in like kind ... but ... something missing.

I am not much for labels. Labels like "house", "EDM" and "techno" ... whatever. There is a larger part of the music I find slightly clever or amusing in parts, but less so in the whole. What is "Deep House"? "Minimal Techno"? Something of that direction...

You have to rewind and unwind a bit. Some of the current folk are composers, in a greater sense than past "DJs" mashing fragments off vinyl. The better folk are building creative complex music, based on current technology.

Centuries ago an orchestra was advanced technology - a group that could play a (relatively) unlimited amount of music, new and old. In that time, the closest equivalent to an iPod. Composers wrote the software for an orchestra, and were highly prized.

An orchestra was cheaper than the past equivalents. Insanely expensive compared to the present.

In the present music makers can compose complex music with far fewer folk. Computers, digital looping, sampling - all allow creative compositions not practical before. We have new kinds of composers enabled by current technology.

There is a great deal of music on SoundCloud that is pleasant. Perhaps slightly clever, but forgettable.

There is a smaller set that is more deeply creative and worthwhile. Also, no clear boundary.

Yes. I am trying to sort the to which I listen and buy. Not clear as yet.