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Coffin Corner

A term from aviation - coffin corner is rather on my mind. In short, a "coffin corner" is where your range of choices is narrow, shrinking - and anything outside that range is fatal.

Went to a dating-event, where a woman complained that men (nearer my age) do not date women of the same age range. Ran across a study where the range of ages men and women considered most acceptable diverged much over time - to the point they were nearly disjoint at my age.

Went to an age-ranged speed-dating event, as an experiment. Easy conversations, but no interest in anything closer. In theory, you listed who you liked, and the coordinaters would say who liked you in return. At the end, my list returned was empty. The coordinaters - wanting better outcome - gave contact information for the third who expressed interest. (For which no use.) Disjoint.

From recent readings on personality, I might expect 1 in 30 women to prove as personality complements. (A speculation by one writer, that seems to fit my limited experience.) On occasion friends tried to set me up - no success. Other odd episodes do fit. Add this to disjoint expectations ... is anything left?

I very much want, and have always wanted, a meaningful relationship in my life. The first time around, I got it badly wrong. The second time around, I want to get it right, and do not want less. Getting there is just not happening.

Yeh. First world problems.

Well ... after a morning on Family Court, I know there is an underclass in our society who fuck and reproduce with (by my standards) no concern for their future or children. When tucked away in upper-middle class suburbia, easy to not see this.

Perhaps I should adjust my expectations to reality, and adopt a female counterpart as a pet. Better odds. Not what I want.

Or not. But the odds are much not in my favor. Feels like a corner.