Seems there are an increasing number of folk in and around my life that see the world in an … er … different way. Not sure what to make of this, but should at least make an effort.

Went to a meetup a couple months back. Something about yoga and meditation (not much for mysticism). The attendees were mostly young and female. The organizer lead an exercise … something about relaxation, energies, and visions. Found her a bit pesky, as every time I started to relax and drift off … she had something else to say.

My mind wandered a bit during the time relaxed. Usual stuff, no “visions”, or other mystical experience.

Mind drifted … was in an amber field, outside an adobe-walled courtyard, walls gold with late afternoon sun. A bit later … floating in space, earth above, on a open platform with a rank of my cohort, in black armor, relaxed and waiting. The usual stuff when my mind wanders.

Wait, is this what other folk call “visions”?