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House Concert

From the start, I assumed that the advent of the web would allow change the structure of how music was performed and distributed. The web allows more direct connection of all sorts, and in this case between musicians and their audience. Exactly what form that would take, I had no idea.

Let me set the context, here.

When you choose your music, you have your choice of all the music in the world. The music you collect is the best in the world - to your mind and taste.

Now imagine you about to host an event where a couple of the best musicians in the world want to perform in your home! Um, yes please! And ... how did this happen? Though a series of small reasonable steps, enabled by connections and contacts via the web.

In the past, I had always assumed any like event would be far too expensive, and beyond my reach. Quite impossible! The reality is turning out a bit different. This will cost me time, and a modest amount of money, but should prove worthwhile for all involved (I hope!!).

This will be the second house concert I host. From the first the musicians got recorded material good enough to release. They used pictures taken in my house as promotional material (including some I took - which makes me unreasonably happy). And generally had a pleasant time meeting the folk in the audience.

The audience is the trick. This is non-mainstream, and I live in a quite conservative part of Orange County. Good music of this sort does not get performed much around here. Even in this area, I am sure there are enough folk to provide a healthy audience. I suspect this is a degrees-of-separation exercise. Find a few folk, they will lead to a few more, who in turn lead to others. Finding an audience is going to take time. In time I hope to find enough folk to host like events more often.

Meanwhile I have flyers to distribute, messages to send, and await RSVPs... :)