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My sister and spam

My personal email address is preston@bannister.us and is posted in public in many places. As a result, a lot of spam gets sent my way. (I do not believe in hiding.) Of all that very little gets through to my inbox.

My email setup is a little different. All the email sent to preston@bannister.us goes through a mail server operated by Dreamhost, and the spam filter they use is pretty good. I read my email via GMail, so all the email sent to preston@bannister.us (after filtering out most of the spam) gets bounced to GMail. The Google folks did a pretty good job with their spam filter. As a result, of the spam that gets past the Dreamhost email filter, almost all is caught by the GMail spam filter. I usually see about one spam per day (that gets through both Dreamhost and GMail spam filters). Occasionally the spammers figure out how to get through the spam filters, and there is a short-lived surge. Lately I have seen up to three spams per day. Eventually one of the filters gets a little smarter, and the number of spams that get through drop to the previous levels.

My current setup works rather well, so I set up my sons, my daughter, my father, and my sisters the same.

Today my sister comes over, and tells me she changed her GMail address. She changed her GMail address because she was getting too much spam. This did not make sense. She has the same setup as I (spam filtering at both Dreamhost and GMail). My email address is very public, and hers is not. She should get no more - and likely less - spam than I see.

So I logged into her GMail account, in the expectation that - for some reason - a great deal of spam was getting through to her inbox. That was not it. Apparently she feels a compulsive need to read through her "spam" folder. (To be fair - I suspect my father does the same thing - it is a bit of a family tendency.) Also, she was wanted to check the spam folder on the @bannister.us server (just to be sure ... I guess).

Right. You basically have two choices. Either do not use email - at all - or do not look in your "spam" folders.

This I cannot help her with....