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Apple NetBook? Or not.

There are rumors that Apple might soon introduce something like a NetBook. The entire substance of the rumor appears to be a manufacturer supplying 10-inch touch-screens for a future Apple product.

A netbook? From Apple? Sounds a bit too "me too". Seems unlikely.

NetBooks are kind of a dubious product category. Running the usual desktop/laptop applications on a tiny screen is not going to be fun. Using a NetBook for email and limited web browsing is OK - but that does not leave room for Apple to be anything clever.

More likely Apple is looking at the success of the Amazon Kindle. This is a fairly distinct, and useful, product category. Amazon has put in a fairly substantial infrastructure, to make the Kindle a success. That same infrastructure could be re-used by Apple.

My take - a book-reader sized Apple product would consist of:

Apple does not have a viable contender in the e-Book reader product space. In some ways this could be viewed as a natural extension of the the iPod, using iPhone hardware, taking advantage of the Amazon Kindle-supporting services, roughly the same product "shape" as the iPod, and extended for e-books.

My guess, in any case. :)