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My Google Android phone

A progress report of sorts....

Back in December I got a Google Android phone - specifically a T-Mobile G1 phone. I happened to walk into the local T-Mobile store just out of curiosity. They had the phone in-stock and for a good price - and I was thoroughly disgusted with my Motorola Razor from Verizon. The fact that this was the first phone where I could freely (almost) install software was a clincher.


Compared to every phone I have used prior, the G1 is without doubt a solid improvement. The effect of the unified IM/text/email notifications is distinctly Pavlovian - my phone blurps, and I check GMail on my computer. At the same time, there are bits about the Android phone that are not ideal. The touch-selection algorithm needs work. I am never certain whether my touch will cause selection, activation, dragging, or .... I dunno. As a guess, it does what I wanted a bit less than half the time.

The GPS/location feature is very cool - except when it decides I am somewhere else. Again, an algorithm that needs work.

I have fat-fingered the phone and invoked the wrong actions when answering a call ... less often than with the Razor, but still too often. Again, something that needs work.

Overall, I am distinctly encouraged. More work is needed, but this seems the best work as yet.