Been using the same two digital cameras for a bit over four years. The cameras I have work pretty well, and - so far at least - none of the newer cameras is yet enough of an improvement to justify an upgrade.

What I am looking for that I do not have now…

  • MUCH better low-light performance! Pictures taken in twilight are generally poor - so cameras that produce grainy high-ISO images are non-starters.
  • A total package size no bigger than my Canon S2 - and preferably smaller. Heck, I often take my smaller Sony over the more capable Canon. Size matters, and smaller is better. (As you might guess, I refuse to lug around a “pro” SLR. Adding a camera bag full of lenses? Never going to happen!)
  • The ability to record continuous video at 1080p resolution. Actually, this is optional, but looks like it may become common by the time really good low-light performance finally arrives.

Up until recently, I have not been tempted to upgrade. From the most-recent camera reviews … looks as though an upgrade worth buying is almost here.