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Can a modern country have a monarch?


Can a modern country have a monarch? As an American I am inclined to think the entire notion absurd, and quaint. On the other hand, from my slowly accumulating readings and reflections on state and society - there is a place for exceptional individuals in the state. The founders of this country carefully divided governance among individuals (presidents, governors, mayors) and groups (congress, assemblies, councils). Absolute monarchs were almost always a flawed notion - but carefully trained families with a significant but carefully circumscribed role - there might be a workable, useful solution.

From watching the above video - I suspect the Swedes may have something right. I do not understand a single word of Swedish, but there are other aspects to communication aside from language. Somehow I suspect the guy may be entirely decent, and well worth his position.

To put this in context - I saw in person a local guy running for Sheriff of our county several years back. He spoke well, but at the end I found I did not trust the man. He did get elected, but was eventually removed from office and accused of corruption. If you are a good judge of character (whatever that means), perhaps simply seeing - in person - someone speak, reveals enough clues to their true nature.

Anachronism or not, I have a sneaking suspicion the Swedes got this right. (That this apparently-official communication appears on a popular video-sharing service on the web, is also an encouraging clue.)

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