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Absent minded

In the kitchen this morning, to make breakfast. Had a small amount of diced salami and bacon (both very nice) left over from dinner last night. Simple to fold that into an omelet. Started gathering and preparing the needed bits.

In the kitchen, my mind is always wandering. Reflecting on a book I am reading. Perhaps musing about a bit of obscurity from the prior days. Puzzling out a current problem (which covers the prior two, also). As a result I tend to be a bit absent-minded. This morning - after opening the refrigerator for the third time, each time at a loss what to do once the door was open - thought it good to be unwatched. Turned back to the counter, where everything was prepared, except for the missing eggs.

The dog was watching, alert and polite. I have no doubt as to his interest, but little idea as to his thoughts.