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OpenID is a big win

So if you are a developer the notion of single sign-on via OpenID sounds like a good idea, but since it lacks authentication, you might not be entirely convinced. Well, this story is going to sound familiar.

I wanted to check my plan with Verizon. Not sure how many minutes I have every month, mostly because I never go over. Tried to login to the Verizon website, and (of course) I could not remember my username on their site. Tried the first most likely ... nope. Tried the second most likely ... nope. OK, at this point I do not know if I got the wrong username, or the wrong password. A few more random tries, and they might lock my account.

Perhaps this sounds familiar? Lots of sites, each wanting a unique login. On some of which your preferred username is disallowed or already taken. On some of which your preferred password(s) are disallowed. Many of which you do not visit very often, so you are not going to remember your username/password, the next time you want to login.

Yep. I would really prefer that the Verizon site was OpenID enabled.