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Groundswell - means what?

Admittedly I am no expert on paid political organizations, but I have to wonder: What is their motivation?

Lately the CATO folk(s) are writing about differing tax rates for corporations and wealthy individuals, as though there was some sort of competition between counties. Maybe there is - but I tend to suspect this equation has more than one variable. From the latest missive:

Cato-at-liberty » Tax Cuts North of the Border The rest of the world is responding to tax competition, and the high corporate tax rate in the US is becoming an ever-larger problem for American companies in the global marketplace. Unfortunately, there is no groundswell — or even idle gossip — for a reduction in America’s punitive corporate tax.

Is "the rest of the world" really "responding to tax competition"? What exactly is a "groundswell" for reducing corporate taxes? Sounds like wishful thinking. Maybe if they repeat the idea enough times, perhaps they can convince ... someone. A variant on "if I say it three times, it must be true"?

Somehow I rather doubt there are many folks concerned about cross-border differences in corporate tax rates. Kind'a completely misses my notion of what might be called a "groundswell".

Is this in fact some sort of paid campaign? Could it be that some person or entity is angling for a tax break, in this rather indirect fashion?