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Ubuntu, Debian, and Java

I have to admit to being considerably annoyed.

On my Ubuntu box spent time getting Eclipse and Java setup. For ideological reasons, Ubuntu comes with a third-rate Java JVM, so I followed the twisty paths to get the current Sun Java JRE and JDK installed. After a bit more magic to get Eclipse to use Sun Java, startup and response times dropped quite a bit. Installed Apache Tomcat (manually of course - the same ideological nonsense).

Yes, I know all about the license differences. I first read the GPL back in 1985, and thought it was a sort of golden hammer then, and my opinion has not changed.

At this point I'm a bit aggravated. Went on to install the relevant Eclipse plugins (Tomcat, Freemarker, Visual Editor, UML, and CDT) ... only to find the online help does not work.

Turns out they turned it off.

Re: Eclipse - integrated help is not available "The Breezy repository didn't include Tomcat 5, because it was too late. So the we had to disable the help system for the Eclipse packages in Breezy."

Right. Like no one is going to care. Took some digging to figure out why it was broken.

Tried to figure out just who got this nonsense started and about what they care. Came up with this gem:

DebianJavaInSarge "Most notably there are very much improved and new free java runtimes in sarge, which are capable of running several programs. Also a lot of software got packaged and moved to the main section. If you find Java packages in the main section then it is buildable and runnable by the free runtimes."

Let's nail this to the floor, shall we? The Sun JVM for Linux is free to developers. The Sun JVM for Linux is free to customers. Developers and customers just want their applications to work. Something the sort'a kind'a works ("capable of running several programs" - indeed) is a non-starter. So for all practical purposes, developers and customers want to run the Sun JVM. It makes no sense to waste time with anything else.

Admittedly Sun appears to be part of this roadblock. With all the good words out of Jonathan I don't believe they are actually trying to screw up the works, but it is always possible I am mistaken.

Now if for ideological reasons there has to be a separate repository for Java-on-Debian, so be it, but let's not pretend to install Java support, only to then force folks to grudge around and to try and find something that works!