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While driving away from the airport near Green River, Utah, spotted some odd shapes embedded in the apron. Not sure what those shapes represented - could this be remnants of an old ICBM site? None of the odd shapes visible on the ground are visible in the satellite photos accessible via Yahoo Maps (and Google Maps is even less detailed).

There are a number of aspects of the airport at Green River that seemed odd. Why the long road from the town, when the interstate is so close? Why an airport at all - does use justify the upkeep?

Looking at the aerial images - they seem to tell a story. In that water-scarce landscape traces survive long after roads are gone. There is a trace of an older road crossing the airport runway. Looks like the "Airport Road" largely follows the path of the older road - the continuation of "Old Highway Hanksville" (perhaps the original name?). So the airport was built across the path of a then-existing road that - due to the interstate - had largely lost it's purpose?

The "Old Highway Hanksville" meets another old road that used to cross where the I-70 is now. Given the I-70 was probably built in the 1960's, that would suggest the airport was built sometime later.