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A small item

This is another instance of trying to buy things that work well, and last.

Months ago the comb in my back pocket started falling apart. Looks pretty ratty with chunks of teeth missing. On the other hand I take out the comb maybe once a day (if that), so once a comb starts to fall apart, it can be months before I remember to buy a replacement when at the store. Even buying the best comb (off the rack at the market), they don't last very long. Due to poor quality, most of the time the comb in my pocket is missing pieces. This has been going on for years....

What I really want is something a bit tougher. I do remember years (decades) ago buying an Ace Hard Rubber Comb that proved quite tough, and lasted a long time. Looking around, I found and bought the Ace brand, but the comb seems to be made of plastic. Not a bad thing necessarily, as there are some very tough plastics, but somehow I doubt that's what came in the package.

OK, so I can understand how this happened. Combs are not a big market, and can be made very very cheaply out of low quality plastic. At various times combs became a fashion item with funky colors, shapes, and materials dominating sales for brief periods. Basic combs made out of better materials probably came to a very small portion of sales, and got dropped by retailers.

I could hunt through all the local retailers ... but no guarantees of any profit from the wasted time. Time to hit the internet, and if I can find something better than the usual cheap plastic junk.

Found a columnist wondering "What happened to Ace combs, phone booths?", but no help there.

Hit eBay. Found lots of cheap combs ... no hint of quality. Found metal combs ... but I'm thinking you want something with a bit of flex in your pocket. Found combs of wood and "tortoise", too fragile for a pocket.

Found The Fuller Brush Company. I still have the Fuller brush given to me by my grandmother when I was 13. The brush is chipped and worn, but I have kept it, and it has outlasted any number of newer cheap plastic brushes. A bit of whimsy, really. (Not real crazy about their website organization.)

Eventually came across references to Speert combs, as something better. Ordered a couple, so will see. There might be other decent manufacturers, but if so I cannot tell. Rather a lot of effort for something so simple.