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The Kutztown 13

The Kutztown 13

So a bunch of high school kids were given "free" laptops by there school. Predictably, (very predictably if you are familiar with high school age kids) the kids used the computers for ways other than what the school wanted. The kids are by no means innocent here, though their actions have caused no harm.

How were the kids able to do this? At least in part because the school taped the administrative password to every machine (yes, you read that right). So - the school IT folks are GUILTY of massive stupidity.

In truth a starting proposition in computer security is that for a system to be secure, the hardware has to be secure (barring exotic hardware). As soon as you hand a laptop to a bright kid, you have to assume the machine can and will be compromised.

When inevitably the school finds that laptops are used for disallowed purposes, the simplest solution would be to take back the laptops. Instead the school warns the kids repeatedly, then files felony charges! So - the school administration is GUILTY incompetence and over-reaction.

This incident tells us nothing new about high school aged kids, but it does tell us quite a lot about the hiring standards of the Kutztown Area School District.

(Later...) On re-reading this entry, found I tend to mis-read the town name as "Klutz-town". Heh.