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RoundaboutsUSA "RoundaboutsUSA can assist you with your roundabout project by: conducting a feasibility study, CAD design, and peer review of current designs. Contact Bill if you need assistance by email or at the phone numbers listed below."

The site referenced above presents some excellent and very sensible (and common-sense) arguments for the use of roundabouts.

First - I will admit without hesitation that I like roundabouts. Sitting stopped at the four-way-stop signed intersection is mind-numbing (not to mention time and gas-wasting). How many times have you sat waiting for the light to change - when there are no other cars moving, or no other traffic at all?

There are two traffic circles (not roundabouts exactly if I understand the distinction) somewhat local, one in the center of the city of Orange, and another in Long Beach a major intersection with Pacific Coast Highway. Apparently there are American communities (primarily in Utah and Colorado) finding success with roundabouts. I encountered a pair of small roundabouts just off the I-70 in St. George, Utah.

Wonder if I could push for the local city to adopt roundabouts rather than putting in more (and more!) traffic signals - especially on the major streets?