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Model Quality Introductions

(Update - seems I may have stepped on someone's gravy train.)

In Orange County, California there are two free widely distributed monthly publications - OC Weekly and OC Metro. Articles in OC Weekly tend to be politically "liberal", and articles in OC Metro tend to be politically "conservative". Read both and you might get some sort of "balance"...

Both publications are entirely supported by advertising, and - based on the ads - it appears that selling sex keeps both publications in business. In OC Weekly you get a lot of low-dollar sex ads - strip clubs, escort services, and the like. In OC Metro you get a lot of high-dollar sex ads - liposuction, cosmetic surgery, Model Quality Introductions, and the like.

A quote from Philip Greenspun got me thinking.

... conventional (male) pilot wisdom ... "If it floats, flies, or fucks... rent it"

Does this imply that pilots tend to be more "liberal"? Seems unlikely somehow as pilots tend to be more affluent. Do affluent "conservatives" pick up OC Weekly when they want a rental? Certainly OC Metro does not appear to carry sex-for-rent ads.

Maybe I was missing the very obvious, as Model Quality Introductions and the like may well be just exactly that sort of service. On the surface this looks like a dating service for rich guys to meet attractive women - and perhaps for some guys that is exactly what the service delivers. On the other hand, this would be a terrific cover for a high-end sex-for-rent operation. Rich (or psuedo-rich?) guys pay the service for "introductions". The service does not need to mention sex (though they might). Some girls will offer sex for free (in hopes of hooking a rich guy). Some girls may offer sex for gifts (or money). The only question is if the service knows which girls offer sex - and directs their clients accordingly.


Now in fact I have no idea if this service is anything other than what they appear on the surface - though it would be interesting if we found out (unlikely) that a portion of their clients are already married. Somehow I doubt we will ever find out.

The local District Attorney apparently does favors for at least some wealthy individuals in the county (and I am not sure about the local Sheriff either). If some of the DA's friends are also clients of this service - seems unlikely law enforcement would ever take a hard look.

Geez, this all sounds like some made-for-TV movie...

Update: ... should have looked. Turns out OC Weekly did an article - it costs $25,000 to join (for men, free for women). Numbers are (by report) about 100 men and 1000 women. Wonder if there is a site for finding trophy wives as well somewhere ... one ad on craigslist (not really the right place to advertise).