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Overheated Honda


This is the road that did in my Honda. You cannot tell from the picture but this road is steep. Coming up the road required driving in first gear, which after a mile or so proved too much, and my car overheated. Guess long periods of heavy throttle in first gear is just more than my car (and probably most cars) can handle.

Never saw my car overheat before. In fact before this drive I was not sure the temperature gauge worked, as no matter how I drove the indicator was always a third of the way from cold to hot. Now I know that the gauge works, as on this road the temperature rose all the way to the top. My memories of the Detroit cars my dad drove in the 60's and 70's always have the temperature gauge moving around a lot. Guess newer cars are more closely regulated.

After sitting a while to let the engine cool, turned around and headed downhill. Once back on the main road and able to get the speed up over 20mph the engine cooled to the normal temperature very quickly.

Was a bit alarmed for a time. Had not seen any cars for rather a while, so if my car quit I had a long walk back to Silverton.