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Attempted identity theft?

Today I got a call from Equifax. For some unspecified (?) reason they were suspicious of the fact that someone had ordered my credit report on March 22. Since I did not recall ordering a credit report, she offered to put an "alert" on my "file" with all three (?) credit reporting agencies.

A few weeks back I did get a letter dated March 28 from TrueCredit. "Thank you for choosing TrueCredit!" This was odd as I did not remember making such a choice. Tried logging in to their site, but stopped when they asked for information I did not want to provide.

Up to this point there was some small chance I had indeed ordered a credit report, and had simply forgotten.

Called TrueCredit. Found that someone ordered my credit report using the credit card of someone in Brentwood, Missouri. Since I do not know anyone in Brentwood, Missouri (let alone anyone who would need my credit report), it is clear this is part of something dubious. Also heard from TrueCredit that whomever did not actually succeed in gaining access to my credit report.

Hopefully that is the end of the story...

Update July 10: Received a free copy of my credit report from Equifax. Checked and found nothing seriously wrong. They do have my ex-wife's new address listed as one of my old addresses ... odd but not serious.