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jsp:plugin grief (cont'd)

Updated the applet tests referred to in the prior post both to summarize the pass/fail result for each variety of applet invocation in each IE/Firefox Java/no-java environment, and for each test to include the applet exercising the Javascript-to-Java bridge.

Perhaps there are other incantations I could use for invoking an applet - if so I would like to know. This was the best I could glean from reading the documentation and dredging about on the web.

One observation I had missed that is apparent from the table - you apparently cannot get Firefox to offer to install a specific older version (1.4.2 in this case), as can be done with IE and the right incantation. Ouch.

I have no idea how this plays in Safari or Opera.

Apparently... With IE we are better off using the OBJECT tag with a classid="clsid:..." attribute. With Firefox we are better off using either an APPLET tag, EMBED tag, or an OBJECT tag with classid="java:..." attribute.