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Are men programmable?

Sexes gain equality on the Web For men, it's just, 'Give me the facts,"' said Deborah Fallows, who wrote the report based on six years of Pew surveys. "For women, it's 'Let's talk about this. Are you worried about this problem?' It's keeping in touch and connecting with people in a richer way."

Is this part of a pattern?

"You never listen to me!" - is a common complaint men hear from women. Often the subject of the complaint is confused, as it seems he is doing quite a lot of listening.

When out walking, I often see couples where the woman is talking - a lot - and the man is listening (with expressions that range from patient to slightly pained). It seems very much like the woman is attempting to load a program into the subject, and the complaint comes when the man - no matter how much listening he actually does - does not accept the program.

Are men shaped by evolution to be programmable by women?