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English Cut

Just what I was looking for and didn't know it (via Caterina).

English Cut the website of thomas mahon, bespoke savile row tailor, london.

Oddly enough I would like to own a really well-made suit. Odd because I almost never really have any call to wear a suit. (The suits in my closet were worn sometime in the prior century). Odd because much of the year it is simply too warm to wear a suit in southern California (unless you spend all your time indoors). Odd also as I really have no idea what makes up a well-made suit.

Weblogs are a wonderful thing :). Apparently the effect on the business is substantial.

With Tom's help I have a chance to understand what makes up a well-made suit. Cool. Unfortunately flying to England to get a suit made is a little impractical, as is the cost of the product (at least for my purpose).

Oh well...