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Banned Super Bowl ad

This lightened my day considerably :).

Was the banned Go Daddy Super Bowl ad indecent?

The commercial is great. The GoDaddy folks chose to poke fun at the NFL and all the silly controversy for the supposed "wardrobe malfunction". Given the amount of sex and violence on TV, and the ritualized violence inherent in a football game -- the whole issue is way past absurd.

As to whether the ad was demeaning to women -- this was a football game, right? I presume they had cheerleaders? So this is different how??

Didn't watch the Super Bowl. I have a complete lack of interest in any professional sport.

Last time I watched a football game was when I was in high school. I was trying to watch with my father (one of those father/son things). The score was tied on the last down of the last quarter of the game. The team with the ball was a couple yards from a touchdown. At the point of maximum drama -- realised I was bored, had no interest in the game, and have never watched professional sports since.

Might have been worth catching the commercial -- though the original (unapproved) version is better :).