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Web protocol library

Lately started looking for a good C/C++ web protocol library. It would be extremely useful for my C++ code to have easy access to web/internet protocols as can be had from Java (or Perl for that matter).

Found libwww at w3.org (at rather suitable place). On the good side libwww has been around for a while and seem substantial usage - so there is a decent chance time has shaken out the bugs. On the other hand, it looks like development stalled out a few years back. Took a crack at building on Win32. The code by in large builds very cleanly (pretty usual in portable code), though the build itself is not entirely right. Could put in the time to update/contribute back the build files, but it is worth the time?

Found libcurl as an occasionally recommended successor to libwww. Active development is ongoing - a good sign.

Saw a reference to ACE. I've considered ACE interesting from it's very beginning - though possibly overbuilt(?). Not sure ACE would be a good fit to the sorts of applications I usually produce.