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Talk at UCI

Went to another "distinguished speaker" talk at UCI on Friday. Just finding a place to park was a bit of an adventure (they changed things - again).

Testing and Analysis of Next Generation Software

Have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed with the talk. Nothing really brain-stretching here, rather a straight-forward exploration of some simple ideas not entirely thought out (and not worth repeating here).

Perhaps my expectations are too high. Perhaps in light of the Internet the academic community loses meaning. Certainly none of the talks I have gone to at UCI in the last few years were worth the time. I keep going as some past talks were indeed very much worthwhile.

Come to think of it - seems practically all the interesting current work is communicated through web pages, mailing lists. and (on occasion) books. Could be the academic journals and the academic forums are now nearly irrelevant, or at least in the old form. Bummer. The local forum is nice, or would be if the presentations were a bit more worthwhile.

Noticed the guy sitting in front of me looked somewhat familiar. After twenty-odd years almost didn't recognize Professor Standish - one of my old instructors. Saturday, January 31, 2004