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Unexpected job

Was looking around at jobs in south Orange County, several years back.

Was not much interested in the above.

Then got a random call from a smallish outfit in Brea. Talked to Jim Williams (owner and president), and liked the guy. Capable folk feel little need for pretense, and I could see both. Seems thirty-odd years ago, Jim started a company with a notion of a different way to build radars.

Turns out his notion works very well.

Once again, jumped into an area in which I had very little specific knowledge. Never worked on radars, before. Never worked on military contracts, before. Never had any interest in either. Also suddenly need to recall my forty-years-rusty math for Physics.

But helping an engineer with a clever idea win ... yeh. I can do that. :)

Went from working state-of-the-art software projects (usually network-centric), to state-of-the-art military radar projects. Went from work I can largely talk about in public, to work of which large parts are secret. Makes sense, but still odd.

The odd part is that this work might be in use for decades, and long after I am gone.