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Nameless beasts

About personality type, and how we reason...

I started with trying to understand everything, and knowing I understood little.

Early, I studied science, philosophy and psychology. At University, I majored in Physics, minored in Psychology and Art, but in the end spent most of my time with software. Software became my profession.

I became very good at my profession ... as I am a bit odd.

Oddly, I am very bad at names - a recurring theme. My memory for the names of other folk is amazingly poor. I hiked through the local wilderness thousands of times, but have names for few animals and plants. In my profession, I can clearly see bodies of work and trends - for which I do not have a name.

Being odd, I am comfortable with nameless beasts. Sometimes a body of work or a focus of interest has no easy name. This is true especially true in software, as software is a product of the human mind. There is much we do not understand about the human mind. There are many things for which we do not find good names.

Recently, I ended up watching a social group of young folk learning Psychology. I found this group curious, as they had an odd fascination with names. These folk wanted reality to conform to an assigned name. Pretty much the exact opposite of "the Map is not the Territory" from General Semantics.

Folk attracted to Psychology seem to prefer their maps to reality. Not sure if this observation can be generalized.