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Analysis Paralysis

Need to paint the upstairs.
Need to replace the (twenty year old) carpets throughout the house.
Need to replace the windows blinds, all through the house.

Will hire a professional painter, when I have enough accumulated.
Seems to make sense to replace the carpets, only after painting.
Will start a cleaning service, only after new carpets and paint.

My house not remotely immaculate.

Could end up with a perfect suburban house ... and not really care.

So my house is ... imperfect. Bugs me. But not that important.

So I stop. My house is a mess. (Well, to my mind.)

Bought paint for the upstairs, long ago. A ladder to reach the upper parts. Power tools to rip down the blinds.

Well, better to wait for warmer weather. Need to keep the windows open, while paint dries.

Meanwhile the once ordered space in my garage becomes increasingly cluttered. Making space for the disorder in my kids and sister's lives is worth something. Yet...


Filled the trash bins. Yard is mostly cleared. Garage is ... better. Blinds are down. Space to paint...