Been spending a lot of time with doctors, hospitals, getting tests - and it is all good news.

During my last bout with pneumonia, had to find a new doctor. Got very lucky.

My doctor in turn gave an excellent recommendation for a knee doctor. Lots of tests, including a visit to a cardiologist (there are heart problems on both sides of my family tree), all with good results. Got surgery on both knees a bit over four weeks back. Have been able to resume hiking, for the first time in several years. Long ways to go, but … Hell Yes!

My doctor ordered an unusual set of tests, found a clue, and gave an excellent recommendation for a Pulmnologist. The lung doctor ordered quite a series of tests, leading to a lung biopsy - not a fun procedure. There is a bunch of “weird shit” at the bottom of my right lung, that the doctor suspects is “Valley fever” - a fungus that sometimes settles in and causes repeated bouts of pneumonia. About every four years, for the last forty years, I have a fairly nasty bout with pneumonia. If the tests confirm the doctor’s suspicion, this is treatable. For the first time in forty years I could be free of this unwanted “guest” that constantly drains my immune system, and has tried to kill me about every four years. Hell, yes.

Very seriously jazzed.

Seems I can be quite entertaining when seriously “up”, at least based on the nurses’ reactions. :)