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Giving up HTML@W3C

Got the "status as Invited Expert in HTML Working Group" email. This I will let expire. Spent my time tilting at windmills, and do not see any point in continuing.

The HTML Working Group at W3C is ... far too much noise. The HTML5 "standard" is going to be a bloated monster, and there is no chance I can change that. Time to stop the pretense of trying.

Not that all the work is bad, or that there is any shortage of well-intentioned folk. What the group lacks is any sense of minimalism, and enough strong voices able to say "no". What we will get is going to be even harder to digest than HTML4. This is sad. Future developers are going to have an even harder time, for no good reason.

The wildcard here is that the mainstream browser implementations may not follow all the half-thought ideas thrown in by the HTML5 Working Group. No idea how this will work out.

At the core HTML is pretty damn simple - or could be. HTML4 got stuffed with a bunch of half-thought notions, most of which have since proved of no value, and were ignored by developers. Ideally we would learn from experience, omit the fuzzy disused bits, and trim HTML down to the useful core. There are well-known (though not universally known) means to achieve this aim. This is not going to happen.

I cannot keep up with the herd of Energizer-bunnies eager to make their mark, and with too-limited experience. Time to stop pretending.