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Do you trust Oracle?

The death of Sun, and the submission to Oracle - as a developer - leaves me with doubts about Java.

Sun was always a bit of a mixed bag. Some of their work was absolutely brilliant, and some - especially with software - was amazingly dumb. Never did really understand why this was the case. (Lots of theories, of course, but no certain grasp.)

Oracle is a very different mixed bag. The Oracle database is both a very solid piece of work, and old not-quite-irrelevant to the present and future (an intentional over-simplification.) The Oracle database is core to Oracle the company. On the other hand, Oracle (the company) is also heavily invested in applications and software that cluster around the Oracle database. Much of this software is written in Java (for very logical reasons). This would seem to guarantee the future of Java (as a platform).

But ... the Oracle-core has a diminishing (if very fat) future. That fat future can stretch out quite a while - beyond obvious reason - as the IBM mainframe market proved.

As a developer, I find that I crossed a threshold some time back, and am impatient with Java when I can express more elegant solutions (to complex problems) in Javascript. (Yes, really - Javascript. May have something to do with early heavy exposure to Lisp in school.) Hearing that C# incorporates lambdas ... is C# a better base than Java (with appropriate wariness of stealth Microsoft patents), or rather an extraneous step before bundling a Javascript interpreter?

Do you trust Oracle?