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... status as Invited Expert in HTML Working Group

At one time I had hoped there was a small chance I might be able to nudge the HTML working group in a constructive direction. Over time, what I found is that there are a small number of individuals that are able to invest an inordinate amount of time to this same working group, and I cannot possibly invest the time to construct thoughtful responses to the flood ill-considered notions.

There is almost no chance I can move the working group is a useful direction. Time to disconnect.

This is all rather discouraging. The HTML working group will proceed. Some of the work is worthwhile. Much (measured by volume of email list traffic) is not. What mix will make it into the generated proposed "standard" is sure to be a mess. Not sure how to change any of this.

My status as an "Invited Expert" is up for renewal. With extreme reluctance ... my judgement is that I cannot make a useful contribution, and should disassociate from the HTML working group. Of course, they will continue on the present course, in my absence. My withdrawal makes no difference of significance. There is a fair chance the body of work from this working group will be adopted, imperfect as it is. The existing body of work is ... badly skewed by an imperfect process.

Nothing meaningful I can do. The result will be a mess, and will create a mess for years after. Time to disengage.

Funny bit - I do not see a way to force a disconnect.