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Went looking for video of the latest Apple product announcements, and ended up on the MSNBC site. After the Apple-related video played, I left the site up as it cycled through recent videos (I was working on some code while it ran). I quit watching TV news many years ago, never had much interest in the web equivalent, so had no particular opinion of MSNBC.

First impression: Why all the shouting? Kind of the equivalent of TYPING IN CAPITAL LETTERS ALL THE TIME!! Add the dramatic special effects noise. WITH BOLD AND UNDERLINE!! Did someone conclude that SHOUTING the news made it more believable? Noisy. Should change the name to the Shouting News Network (SNN).

Second: They sure do a lot of product placements disguised as news reports.

Third: How do they pick their "outside-expert" guys to supplement the usual talking-heads? Watching, I often could not figure out what criteria lead to their choices.

Fourth: There must be some company edict to use the words "monetize" and "free market" a lot. Did not seem to matter so much whether it made sense in context. Caused the "outside-experts" some grief, as they tried to come up with sensible responses to not-quite meaningful questions.

Kind of funny, in a really odd way. Don't think I'll be watching MSNBC regularly.

Should try the same experiment with the other news networks.