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First impressions - Google Wave

Basically, Google Wave is a full and natural merger of messaging, on the web. Before you say "oh, only that", think this through. This is a pretty big deal. Put differently, this is messaging where:

Because Wave is on the web, the set of applications is come from all applications in the world (on the web).

E-mail clients can present "threads" that are something like conversations, but this requires a bit of guessing and fakery on the part of the client, and is easily confused. IM clients can present a log of messages - that looks something like a conversation - but does not work when you switch between devices. Given that email and IM servers know nothing about conversations, the clients do pretty much the best they can. If you know about conversations on the server, you can do a better job on the client.

When conversations are a first-class concept, there are lots of new possible functions.

On the flip side, the Google Wave folk have made some (common) missteps.

Other bits....

In sum, a decent start on a great idea. I'd want to be pretty ruthless about overhead that takes height away from the conversation view. I'd drop the per-character updates. I'd drop the use of funky names for existing ideas. None are fundamental problems, and all are easy to address.