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There is a television series called "Lost". In passing I have noted some who seem quite taken by the series. Naturally this made me somewhat curious. When an obvious opportunity appeared, I set my TiVo to record the series.

After watching a few episodes, I wanted all the characters to die. Figured it would improve the species. (Yes, I have not lost track of the fact the characters exist only in a work of TV fiction.) The characters were without exception stupid.

OK, so I know the series was most likely written by Hollywood script writers. These are folks who for the most part have avoided science (and any form of rational thought) as much as they could. Yes, the end result is hideously predictable. Still ... I wanted all the characters in the story to die. I really did not care about the "plot" or the "characters". (Well, as a male, any attractive female biases my response, but in this case, not so much.)

In trying to follow the script, I found myself asking the characters:

"Um. Hello!? This is a survival situation. Maybe now is not the time to engage in silly soap-opera style behavior?"

Of course, in the world of TV marketing, a "soap opera" that sells on the cable "Science Fiction" channel, probably sounds like a good thing. The fact that the actions of the characters make no logical sense is not relevant. I know this.

Have to wonder - if I was in this (fictional) situation - what would I do?