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Are designers stuck in a rut?

Looking for an update on CSS-based web design, so took a look at CSS Reboot and css Zen Garden. What you mainly find are layouts tall, skinny, and top-heavy with large headers. User's screens - with growing use of "widescreen" panels - are becoming mainly very wide, but not very tall. As a result, most of those clever examples fit very poorly on most user's screens. On many current screens, about the only thing showing is the designer's beautiful and clever graphics (surrounded by acres of empty horizontal space). This may make the web designer happy, but the user will be less happy with the scarce scrap of content visible (if visible at all) at the bottom of the screen, and less happy with the amount of scrolling needed for a viewing a tall skinny column.

When low-end laptops ship with 1280x800 panels, large headers above tall/skinny content seem a very poor design. Designs that suit common screen sizes seem a little scarce.

Was hoping for inspiration, but left the above-mentioned CSS example sites feeling very uninspired.