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Apples iTunes store hacked?

Just arrived in email.

Billed To: preston@bannister.us Preston Bannister 14 Vallecito Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

Order Number: MGLN2G836G Receipt Date: 11/19/09 Order Total: $4.99 Billed To: MasterCard .... 1234

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Description 변환기, v1.0, Seller: Wang Xi|299225365 (4+)

Unit Price $4.99

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Subtotal: $4.99 Tax: $0.00 Order Total: $4.99

Please retain for your records. Please See Below For Terms And Conditions Pertaining To This Order.

Apple Inc. You can find the iTunes Store Terms of Sale and Sales Policies by launching your iTunes application and clicking on Terms of Sale or Sales Policies

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the iTunes Store can be found at http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/store/

I do not have iTunes installed. Both my desktop and laptop are running Ubuntu Linux. Also I cannot read Chinese Korean, so I do not know what was ordered. The "Report a Problem" link asks me to install iTunes.

I am guessing the iTunes store has a (big!) problem.

Update: No charges have appeared on my credit card (so far).

I eventually found a "support" link for the iTunes site where you fill out a form to send email. Had to lie a bit as you cannot complete the form without indicating the OS on which you are running iTunes. Linux is not offered as a choice. The first email from Apple was not useful ("run iTunes to check on your account", grrr). I replied with a copy of the receipt, and they did ... something.

If no credit card charge appears, my guess is the Apple caught the problem part-way through.

Got an email from another iTunes customer who also got a receipt with the exact same mysterious item. Interesting.

Update (2): The charge just appeared on my credit card, so it is not clear the exchange with iTunes Support addressed the problem.

Update (3): Shortly after my last email (where I again described the problem, and added the other guy's receipt), Apple Support sent an unexpected email refunding the charge to the other guy! Right. Half-successful?