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Hosting the local polling place

The fun part about hosting a polling place is that I have no idea what I'm in for until just about the last minute.

The voting machines were delivered today - all sixteen(!) of them. Can I fit them all in my garage in an efficient layout? The guy from the shipping company noted that mine was the only polling place with more than eight machines. Oh boy.

The updated list of poll workers showed up today. Last week's list had only three name - too few for a high turnout election. (I've generally had three to five helpers.) Today's list has eight(!) names (in addition to mine). Six would be wonderful. Eight ... not sure where everyone is going to sit (especially with all the voting machines filling up space.

Saturday is when I pick up the voting supplies and the controller for the voting machines. In the box of supplies will be the list of voters in my precinct. Until I see that list I have no idea how many voters are in my precinct. Worse, for one election they gave me two precincts - which meant signing in voters took nearly twice as long. Don't know why they did not just merge the lists. After that election I called RoV to (strongly!) suggest that I get only one roster in future.

Several weeks back a guy came from the RoV to measure my garage. About a week back they sent a suggested floor plan of how I might arrange the machines. The plan had two controllers ... so am I going to get two controllers on Saturday?

Not sure how I can use eight people ... unless the RoV split the list of voters alphabetically. That would work. Going to have to buy a couple more folding tables.

Sure wish I knew what I will be getting in the box on Saturday. This could work very well, or very badly - all depending on how the rosters are organized.